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Client: Beauty Salon Chain

Event: Company 30th Anniversary

Location: Pinewood

Client: Cosmetics Company

Event: Company 25th Anniversary

Location: Central London

Client: Gaming Company

Event: Kensington Roof Gardens

Location: London

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Summer of Stink

Ideal for group sizes 30-80
Market Street, Edinburgh

Host an unforgettable feast of fun with history's horrible bits. Live actors, an eerie ride, shows and special effects transport you back to those black bleak times. When the daily crowd of visitors have dispersed and night falls over the Scottish capital, the Edinburgh Dungeons assumes a new identity...

Your journey begins in a 17th century court of law where an eccentric judge will haul you into the dock - the verdict is always guilty and the punishment harsh! Enter the dark and terrifying haunted labyrinth that stretches from beneath the Castle, under the Royal Mile and away into the unknown. A drummer boy disappeared without a trace in these very catacombs over a century ago!

Witness an autopsy in Dr Knox's surgery, the infamous Burke and Hare provided corpses to the medical profession by murdering victims! You will also find yourself in the plague ravaged streets of old Edinburgh; repulsed at the grisly historical methods of torture and punishment; before discovering Scotland's infamous cannibal Sawney Bean and his family.

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