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Client: Beauty Salon Chain

Event: Company 30th Anniversary

Location: Pinewood

Client: Cosmetics Company

Event: Company 25th Anniversary

Location: Central London

Client: Gaming Company

Event: Kensington Roof Gardens

Location: London

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Family Fun Days

Kent House Knightsbridge

Ideal for group sizes 50-350
London SW

At Kent House Knightsbridge we recognise that every event is unique; one day we might be styling the venue to suit a modern wedding and then the next day, creating a 1920s themed conference.  One of the most lovely features of the venue is it’s flexibility and to maximise this we work with a range of partners to help us create a different look and feel but also to reflect the different budgets allocated to different events. 

It’s often the details of an occasion that everyone remembers, which is why we spend a lot of time getting the small things right. Our team is known for their seamless service and attention to detail and will support you through all the planning to the event itself.

Kent House Knightsbridge is private, discreet and exclusive to clients, allowing events to unfold over two floors and four large spacious rooms – all suitable to be transformed for different purposes. Clients use our Marble Hall for registration or a reception space before being directed up our grand staircase to the Sanctuary for conferences, meetings, press days or fashion shows. Lunches can be served on either floor and can range from bowl food, fork buffet to a seated lunch. The history of the building creates a unique atmosphere whilst the technology available delivers the modern facilities required. Exclusive hire means you won’t have to worry about your event being disturbed by other users.

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