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Some amazing events we have recently planned 

Client: Beauty Salon Chain

Event: Company 30th Anniversary

Location: Pinewood

Client: Cosmetics Company

Event: Company 25th Anniversary

Location: Central London

Client: Gaming Company

Event: Kensington Roof Gardens

Location: London

Team Building

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Family Fun Days


Ideal for group sizes 30-500

Dominating the first floor is the magnificent Florence Hall, the largest and most richly decorated room in the building.

Vast floor-to-ceiling windows, etched glass doors, patterned marble and wood floors and carved stone window splays set a grand and elegant scene for standing receptions, seated dinners, weddings, conferences and Christmas parties.

Adjacent to the Florence Hall is our beautiful Florence Hall Terrace, where guests can soak up the late evening summer sun.  It provides a perfect venue for entertaining clients and colleagues a like at evening drinks receptions with beautiful canapes and refreshing summer drinks provided by our in-house caterers Charlton House.

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