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Art Factory

Ideal for group sizes 10-100
Available throughout the UK

What's included
All required equipment
FREE Venue Finding Service
Dedicated Event Manager 
Activity staff 
Prize for Winning Team (if applicable) 
Delivery, set up and collection

Full or half day programmes 
This event is based indoors 
Space required: large room 

Art Factory uses art based team building activities to take people out of their comfort zone and embolden them within an environment of creation, idea generation and collaboration. 

The Art Factory is a team building programme designed to encourage the participants to work towards creating challenging art. 

The Activity
Your delegates are organised into creative teams; the object is to undertake several, very different projects throughout the duration of the event, working towards a final exhibition of all the material produced. 

Art challenges include: 
Creating a Super Hero and Super Villain intrinsically linked to your business’ strengths and weaknesses. 
Billboard / tag line design for a new product 
Creation of an installation piece for your place of work 
The Big Picture; collaborative art 
The Gallery; presentation skills 

The Art Factory programme is facilitated by a lively, professional artist whose credits include Disney, DC Comics and the Joe Kubert School of Graphic Art; New York. 

Contact our friendly sales team now for a prompt, detailed activity outline and cost based on your numbers and location.

Designed to:
Increase effective communication 
Improve team effectiveness through utilizing skill sets 
Learn how to effectively develop creativity 
Discover how micro contributions factor into macro success 
Realise the importance of individual contribution 
Understand the need to work together 
Learn how to express and embrace creative input



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