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Directors Cut

Ideal for group sizes 10-100
Available throughout the UK and Europe

What's included
FREE Venue Finding Service
Dedicated Event Manager
Activity staff
Prize for Winning Team (if applicable)
Delivery, set up and collection

Full / half day programmes
Indoor and outdoor versions
Space requirements: Large indoor room or access to outside space/town centre for filming

The silver screen meets team building in this versatile programme. The Directors Cut is a movie making format designed to bring groups together and to encourage creativity.

Teams must communicate their ideas effectively, delegate the workload and manage their time well if they are to create a quality end product. The activity primarily examines planning, resource management, creativity and communication.

The Activity
Working as rival studios, teams are given a film title or tag line and have a set time period in which to create the box office smash of the year. Teams will be equipped with video cameras, props, make up and costumes relevant to their title. They must then quickly decide who takes responsibility for the acting, the make up, the script writing and the direction. We can provide audio visual engineers and digital editing suites to help each team to get the most out of their film - but it will be down to the imagination of the teams to really make the difference.

The event concludes with a showcasing of all of the films, much to the hilarity of everyone involved. As an addition, why not opt for our glamorous Night at the Oscars award ceremony and make an evening of it as well?

Designed to:
Learn how to effectively develop creativity
Understand the importance of time management
Team bonding through shared goals
Discover how effective planning can lead to better results
Realise the importance of individual contribution
Understand the need to work together

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