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Hard Sell

Ideal for group sizes 10-100
Available throughout the UK and Europe

What's included
FREE Venue Finding Service
Dedicated Event Manager
Activity staff
Prize for Winning Team (if applicable)
Delivery, set up and collection

Full and half day programmes
This is an indoor event
Space required: Adequate function room

The objective of The Hard sell is for the teams to create an effective business strategy for a pre-designated product that will take the market by storm. In a testing finale, teams must present their work, pitch and advert to a panel of "Dragons" for their assessment. Can your team survive the Dragon's Den and make the Hard Sell?

This team building format incorporates planning, resource management, design, communication, decision making, idea generation, presentation skills and project production.

The Activity
The Hard Sell is a team based business simulation designed to bring a greater understanding of departmental interplay and the pressures experienced in a variety of roles. Working in either rival business units or as one large company; your team must take an innovative new product from the minds eye to the market place utilising different medias and within a tight set time period and budget. Typically teams are given obscure products to work with although another popular choice is to provide a range of products and services closely in line with your business field.

Designed to:
Learn the value of obtaining, evaluating and applying information
Discover how effective planning can lead to better results
Realise the importance of individual contribution
Discover how optimal allocation of resources impacts on results
Discover how your role impacts on greater, more global goals
Discover how micro contributions factor into macro success

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