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Junkyard Challenge

Ideal for group sizes 10-100
Available through out the UK

What's included
All required equipment
FREE Venue Finding Service
Dedicated Event Manager
Activity staff
Prize for Winning Team (if applicable)
Delivery, set up and collection

Full or half day programmes
Indoor and outdoor versions 
Space required: large room (indoor) or large lawn area (outdoor)

Constructive Team Building
For the ultimate test in innovation and creativity why not undertake the Junkyard Challenge? Working in teams, it's a race against time to salvage what you need from our junk pile and then design and build a mystery machine. Teams will be building anything from a large working crane to a medieval, spring loaded catapult. Junkyard Challenge will test your team's planning, communication and imagination to the limit!

Junkyard challenge creates an environment in which teams must run a construction project from cradle to grave. Planning, Resource Management, Communication, Delegation and Implementation are all put under the microscope. The Activity The teams are given finite resources at the beginning of the activity. Each team will need to plan its purchases from our hardware store carefully in order to complete their project. If the teams run out of materials or funds during the construction phase they may then take part in a series of fun challenges - which could earn them the cash they need in order to continue building.

Fun challenges include Shooting, Games of Chance, Brain Teasers and much more. Once the designated construction phase is over, the teams' machines will compete against each other in a hilarious final competition.

Improve team effectivenes through utilizing skill sets
Identifying individual strengths and weaknesses
Learn how to effectively develop creativity
Understand the importance of time management
Discover how optimal allocation of resources impacts results

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