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Quad Biking

Ideal for group sizes 10-200
Limited locations across UK

What's included:
Full instruction
Insurance Equipment including overalls and helmets
Quads Bikes
Practices track and amazing off road track

Take our fantastic quad bikes through our huge woodland course. Totalling over 5km of track this comprehensive course will really put the bikes through their paces. Our highly experienced instructor will introduce you to the bikes, give a full safety briefing and then lead groups through this purpose designed course.

Challenge personal perspectives
Reveal team members in a new light
Build common ground and joint experiences
Teach that the group can only move as quickly as its slowest member and encourage learning of others strengths to increase the effectiveness of the collective
Remove normal safety nets and restrictions
Encourage individual growth

Get the teams out of their comfort zones and into the fresh air! The exhilaration of the quad bikes and off road course challenge individuals and encourage them to try new things

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