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Team Sail

Ideal for group sizes 10-100
Available in select locations across UK

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Team Sail is a unique team building day that brings people together through the medium of sailing. Teams must navigate across open sea, trim the sails, helm the boat and learn the "rules of the road" as they build towards a light hearted race.

Sailing is an ideal environment in which to explore team dynamics. On board a performance yacht and under the tutelage of a commercially trained skipper this format looks at decision making, leadership, communication and confidence building.

The Activity
The first section of the programme incorporates an introduction to the fundamentals of sailing. Our commercially qualified ocean master instructor will provide guidance and tuition allowing your team to fully experience the challenge of crewing, helming and navigating a performance yacht. After lunch on board or in a harbour side brassiere it's time for a light hearted race. Whether you race other boats or undertake a time trial around an international course your team will put their new skills to the test as they are forged into an effective racing crew. The Team Sail programme can also incorporate team character profiling in crew selection and team performannce feedback.

In terms of the UK, Team Sail is available in both Hampshire (Solent) and North Ayrshire (Largs). TeamSail has also been staged throughout Europe including, Hamburg, St. Tropez and Barcelona. Our matched fleet of 15 yachts can accommodate team sizes of between 6 and 12 and can also provide cost effective, on board accommodation.


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