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The Diamond Maze

Ideal for group sizes 10-100
Available throughout the UK and Europe

What's included
All required equipment
FREE Venue Finding Service
Dedicated Event Manager
Activity staff Prize for Winning Team (if applicable)
Delivery, set up and collection

Full and half day programmes available
Space required: Large indoor room, or outside patio and lawn area

Do you want to challenge and stimulate your team both mentally and physically? If so then look no further than our superb Diamond Maze programme. This innovative format will immerse your team in a competitive, problem solving environment culminating in a hilarious grand finale in our patented wind machine.

The varied range of activities within the Diamond Maze examines communication, trust, skill acquisition and also provides an excellent euphemism for the achievement of common goals. The Diamond Maze is a blend of focused and experiential team building that will ensure teams come away energised and closer.

The Activity
The group is split into teams and challenged to overcome a series of very different zones in an attempt to win as many diamonds as possible. Some of the zones are based on mental and physical challenges, some are based on learning new skills and others are based on pure fun. All of the zones are manned by facilitators/ instructors who are present to encourage and observe the teams' progress. Following the conclusion of your activities of choice the teams must exchange their diamonds for time in The Vortex
here they must grab as much fun money as possible in order to win the day.

Designed to:
Respond efficiently to change
Increase effective Communication
Build leadership and trust
Improve team effectiveness through utilizing skill sets
Identifying individual strengths and weaknesses

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