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Alice in Wonderland

Ideal for group sizes -
Available throughout the UK and Europe.

Enter the fairytale world of Alice in Wonderland with this unique themed summer party!

Upon arrival to the party, guests can enter through the Rabbit Hole and be met by the Mad Hatter talking ten to the dozen. The white rabbit with his giant clock will usher guests through to the drinks area as he doesn't want anyone to be late! Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee will also be making an appearance on the night.

Choose your reception drink from bottles with "Drink Me" and canapés with "Eat Me" labels. Guest will be treated to cocktails served in tea cups and can indulge in cupcakes and other treats on offer throughout the evening.

Prepare to be a real life Alice and grow in size during the evening, as you make your way through tiny corridors and rooms. Dance the night away on a giant chessboard dance floor, complete with chess pieces. 

This is definitely one party you will not want to be late for!

Sample package includes
Wonderland theme décor  
Cocktail 'Tea Party' reception
Summer buffet
Themed characters
Giant chessboard dance floor with chess pieces
Professional DJ and Disco
Chocolate fountain
Champagne fountain




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