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Angels Training Camp

Ideal for group sizes 10-300
Available throughout the UK and Europe

What's included
Champagne Lunch
Unique mission booklet
Full task briefing

Our "Angels" training camp is a unique event designed especially for ladies. Ideal for hen parties, anniversary celebrations or just for a bit of female bonding - this event provides a blend of classic treasure hunting and interactive action.

The aim of the day is purely fun and is guaranteed to provide some wonderful memories of your special occasion. Voted by both Cosmo Brides Magazine and Virgin Brides to be in the top 10 most unique hen parties in the UK - this is a program that keeps you entertained right to the finish!

The Activity
After enjoying a fantastic champagne lunch your group will be introduced to two characters at the start of the event who will guide you through the day and hopefully provide some light amusement at the same time! The Badger is Charlie's right hand man in the UK and will give you a full activity briefing and then hand you over to a real live client - who is need of the Angels' help...

World famous clothes designer (and ladies man) Fabio don Juan has had his new collection of designs stolen. Have you got what it takes to unravel this sinister mystery and avert an international fashion crisis?

Your mission has two main criteria.
- Firstly you must complete tasks and challenges set for you by the Badger; these can be sprung on you at any point during the day and must be completed in as little time as possible.

- Secondly each team is given a unique mission booklet. By undertaking and successfully completing each of the many elements to the day, teams will gather information and points vital to their cause.

It's a race against time to solve puzzles, obtain important surveillance photographs and rendevous with undercover agents in an unforgettable experience just for the girls!

Designed to:
Increase effective communication
Build leadership and trust
Improve team effectiveness through utilizing skill sets
Identify individual strengths and weaknesses
Realise the importance of individual contribution
Understand the need to work together.

Upto 5 hours

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