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Da Vinci Code

Ideal for group sizes 10-300
European Union and UK locations available

What's included
Mission Booklet
Full task briefing

Full or half day programmes are available 
A function room or private area is normally required for briefing

Our Da Vinci Code format is the latest treasure hunt to be added to the EML range. Inspired by the number one best seller this event combines age old riddles with a 21st Century technology.

A fun based treasure hunt aimed at groups of any size. Ideally suited for light hearted team building and reward events. The team building element comes through the need to plan and then delegate the workload in order to maximise points scored.

The Activity
Our Da Vinci Code Hunt throws guests head first into the world of ancient puzzles and cryptic riddles. A wealthy private individual needs your help to recover a priceless historical artefact which has been stolen by a rival collector. Teams will need to utilise all their wit and cunning in order to stay one step ahead. Challenges will include cracking 1,000 year codes, meeting secretive contacts and photographing selected subjects. As with all our treasure hunts each team will be issued with a mission booklet to complete during the day. These contain more traditional treasure hunting tasks - such as answering cryptic questions and riddles, making sketches and purchases and also orientating your team using a map.

Designed to:
Increase effective communication
Build leadership and trust
Improve team effectiveness through utilizing skill sets
Identifying individual strengths and weaknesses
Realise the importance of individual contribution
Understand the need to work together.


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