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Scavenger Hunt

Ideal for group sizes 10-300
Available throughout the UK and Europe

What's included
Full task briefing
Treasure Hunt booklet

Full or half day programmes 
Function room or private area is required for briefing 
The event is predominantly outdoors.

In our Scavenger Hunt Challenge, teams must explore your chosen city in an attempt to score as many points as possible. Based in teams, your guests must navigate from A to B to C in an effort to outwit their rival competitors.

This is a fun orientated event that will have participants working in teams to complete a common objective. Facilitators can provide feedback at the end debrief. The level of seriousness to the event is flexible to your objectives.

The Activity
Each team has their own treasure hunt booklet to complete during the day. These contain traditional treasure hunting tasks such as answering cryptic questions, solving riddles and making unusual purchases. You must also orientate your team around the city using a map. For extra points teams must also take photographs of certain subjects, tasks and famous landmarks. Our Scavenger Hunt is a simple and fun event which allows teams to compete in an enjoyable and relaxed environment. There are far too many tasks contained in the hunt pack to realistically complete in the allowed time. This means teams must select or 'cherry pick' the most rewarding challenges to gain optimum points. Often the most energetic team will win the day!

Designed to:
Increase effective communication
Build leadership and trust
Improve team effectiveness through utilizing skill sets
Identifying individual strengths and weaknesses


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