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The Village Murders

Ideal for group sizes 10-300
Available thoughout the UK and Europe.

What's included
Full task briefing
Task documents: criminal records, bank details

Event incorporates afternoon and evening elements 
Function room or private area is required for briefing and dinner 
The event is predominantly outdoors. 
*Dinner not included.

Our Village Murders event is a fantastic way of combining an afternoon of team building with a themed evening event. Objectives Guests will take part in a fun treasure hunt activity during the daytime - which then leads seamlessly into a murder mystery style event over dinner.

The Activity
The day will be hosted by the flamboyant Sir Monty Smithe - an eccentric and amusing billionaire who has invited your group for an afternoon of treasure hunting. During this first stage of the day guests will participate in one of our Scavenger Hunts around your chosen location. Along route you'll meet some interesting characters; always eager to tell a few stories on Monty and share the local gossip on your host. Just before teams sit for their evening dinner, scores will be added and the best performing team will receive the Monty Cup.

Just as the presentation takes place, Monty dramatically staggers into the room and dies in front of the group. As material witnesses, your group must then help our bungling detectives solve the crime... maybe teams have learnt some vital information during the afternoon. Twelve suspects have been detained and over the course of the evening, teams must piece together their version of events by analysing forensic reports, criminal records and bank details for those concerned. Obviously they can also ask any of the suspects questions relevant to the investigation. Helped along by information on our giant screen surely someone can solve this dastardly crime...

Designed to:
Increase effective communication
Build leadership and trust
Improve team effectiveness through utilizing skill sets
Identifying individual strengths and weaknesses
Realise the importance of individual contribution
Understand the need to work together.

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