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Vintage Bus Hunt

Ideal for group sizes 10-300
Available throughout the UK and Europe.

What's included
Task documents

Full or half day programmes 
Function room or private area required for briefing 
The event is predominantly outdoors.

Our vintage London bus treasure hunt provides an innovative and exciting slant on a traditional treasure hunt format. Ideally suited to big cities this is a fantastic event with a real novelty factor for your guests.

This is usually run as a fun hospitality or reward event for staff and clients. There are elements of team building, but the main emphasis is on enjoyment, social interaction and team bonding. The Activity Buses will travel around your chosen city along a predetermined route.. Every few miles the bus will stop at certain point of interest where teams will have a set amount of time to complete all their tasks in that section. These may include solving puzzles, cryptic questions photographic observation and meeting contacts. Teams must not be late back or they will quite literally miss their bus!

The object of the event is to score as many points as possible whilst seeing the sites of a specific region. Buses can be supplied with refreshments which will keep teams in high spirits during their adventures.

Designed to:
Increase effective communication
Improve team effectiveness through utilizing skill sets
Identifying individual strengths and weaknesses
Team bonding through shared goals.


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